What keeps you present in your life?


To keep me present in all areas of my life I have a slightly macabre mantra. ‘If I died to tonight, would I be happy with what I did today?’ – followed by, would the people that count know I loved them? That's taken care of.  Having had the odd health scare, friends die, watching my mother disappear into Dementia and a stark memory of holding my two day old baby and being told they couldn't guarantee he would survive, I have a strong sense of mortality. Lots of my coaching clients have lost this sense of connection to themselves and to others and that's why we end up meeting. I use a combination of coaching and hypnotherapy to help put them back in touch with themselves. On the other side I feel that in Cambridge, because of the amount of entrepreneurs, I feel that there are many people who are acutely aware of their connection because they are living it everyday. When they feel the disconnect between their head and heart then it's worse than if they were an employee. 

My aim of every day is to connect with others and, more importantly, to give back. This means I'm the person dragging a stranger’s suitcases from one end of the tube line to the other, having a chat with someone while I give directions or just wherever I'm in a shop, making sure I give time to the cashier. If I can connect and help others, then I can say yes to my mantra. I’d like to think I give back a lot more than that through my role as a coach, mediator and hypnotherapist. 

I find the concept of #OutsideWork a little odd as for me my work as a coach and hypnotherapist is so much part of who I am that I couldn't separate them. I also believe that who we are in work is equally as important as the person we are out of work and therefore it saddens me to see people only really enjoying a section of their lives. Work related stresses need to be balanced with happiness in work also.

I use coaching and hypnotherapy to help my clients find that balance, and redefine their motivation for their work and their lives. However, when work is done, downtime is to be had and there’s nothing like sitting in a darkened cinema, chocolate in hand watching Bruce Willis say, ‘I'm just the wrong man, in the wrong place, three times!’


If you are interested in finding balance, motivation and feeling really connected to your passions, then do get in touch for a conversation about how we can create that together. No pressure, just dynamic change.