Unique HR Executive support package just for you...


I have collaborated with several senior HR Managers who said they felt lonely, lacked the support they needed to develop themselves and had nowhere confidential to take their concerns and struggles. I’ve designed a package purely for you.

Meet with me monthly, offsite, for a session devoted entirely to your pressures and concerns. You can explore your confidential concerns in an independent space. We will have a structured session where you can use me as a sounding board to share your experiences and find solutions.  

Emotional Contagion


This means we ‘catch’ the emotion of those around us because we have mirror neurons in our brains, these neurons ‘mirror’ the emotions of others. This applies to all regular contact we have with others and is found in the workplace as well as the home.

If those around you are unhappy you can ‘catch’ this unhappiness, this is why there are those employees that just seem to 'infect' others with their mood.

If they are positive you can 'catch' the positivity.

I work to enable you and your staff to be a positive contagion so you can spread positivity wherever you go.

I’d love to work with you, so like me you wake up to each day with a sense of opportunity and fun.

I found Mari’s style warm, welcoming and supportive. Trust was established very quickly and communication flowed freely. She was insightful, understanding and empathetic. She very quickly identified my blockers and applied effective techniques to help me remove them. I am now in a much happier place. My work/life balance has been restored and I am focused on what I need to do to move forward positively with both my work life and my home life

Caring for your executives

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Services I can offer your staff

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