Caring for your Executives

I work with your employees to create transformation in their lives.

Sometimes you might just feel someone isn’t quite at their best, or you have a high potential employee who you want to boost. That’s a good time to see a coach.

Many factors can affect an employee’s productivity. They may not have the confidence they need to engage fully with their role and this leads to a kind of inertia or procrastination. Perhaps they don’t get enough time to complete their work, need further training or a different skill set, or just aren’t suited to a role. Do they have personal problems affecting their work? Do they have a learning need like ADHD or Asperger's? Using an individualised programme including coaching and therapy we plan, act and resolve any issues to get your employees back to their peak performance as swiftly as possible.

Broaching personal difficulties with colleagues who are obviously suffering is never easy. Knowing what to do for the best in such situations isn’t always apparent. Offering an introduction to Mari Williams to one of my team has changed someone’s life. Mari has empowered them to meet their challenges head-on and see things clearly and in a new light. I am positive that we would have lost a much valued employee had we not made the introduction

Coaching for executives and leaders

I use an integrative and highly individualised approach with my clients. This personalised plan, which is co-created with my clients enables them to resolve their issues in the shortest time possible. Therapy can be for personal or professional issues, which are impacting your employees. For example, addictions, anxiety, bereavement, depression, illness or stress. Areas you may previously have thought of as counselling issues can be resolved efficiently with hypnotherapy.

I’m trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy. When most people think of hypnotherapy they think of watches swinging and people in deep sleeps! My therapy is nothing like that. We talk and work through some techniques while you are as awake as you are now. Change begins to happen after one session. 


Blitz coaching is a great thing to tag on to wellbeing days or to hold as a day event. Based at your offices I offer 30-minute coaching slots for either a team or all employees, or you can offer a voluntary booking in. Depending on employee numbers, I can do this over a number of days.

It is great for highlighting any issues that may be brewing and allowing you to catch them before they grow. It’s also just a fabulous blitz for lots of little issues and gives employees a buzz. It helps employees get a new focus on things they might have been sitting on and pushes them forward.

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Even in the best relationships people can easily misunderstand each other and miscommunicate. Rather than let these situations fester, it’s best to bring in a mediator. 

As a trained mediator I have the skills to enable you to bring your concerns into the open and to manage the conversation so you can reach an informed outcome.

Mari has a way of opening people up by creating an atmosphere of trust and respect even among the fiercest of rivals. We were both able to communicate our differences clearly. Mari’s contribution to the reestablishment of agreeable working conditions within the team was of the utmost importance to business, yet personally, I felt it had gone a long way in helping me understand some of my own challenges in communication and interactions with other people in my private and professional spheres thus making an important contribution to my personal development.

I also offer a variety of workshops