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I am driven by a desire to enable you to be the absolute best you can be. To resolve those self-beliefs that hold you back and clear those behaviours you hate, but can't stop. I want you to find your place in the world and own it. It took me years  to learn how to do this and I want to help you now.  

I was born and live in Cambridge and have 5 children, aged 12-28. Among a range of roles, I've run corporate courses, worked as a corporate coach with senior managers. I've taught at both secondary and sixth form colleges in Cambridge, authored and facilitated courses for cancer patients and worked closely with over a hundred parents and their schools, enabling them to be confident in their parenting. I work in the public, private and charitable sectors.  

All this time though, I couldn't shake the feeling that I felt different from others, I didn't fit in. I sensed I had so much more to offer the world, but I didn't know what or how to put it into action. I also had poor self-belief and destructive behaviours. No matter what counselling I underwent (and I went through a few types), I couldn't entirely shift it. I spent my life looking for the fix that would 'cure' me. As I trained as a coach, I experienced huge personal change, but could still get angry quickly. I found it hard to regulate my emotions in certain situations.  

I stumbled across Cognitive Hypnotherapy quite by accident while looking for a therapist to help my daughter after an accident. I found it to be extremely powerful. With my own therapist, I cleared that anger in just one session. Cognitive Hypnotherapy has allowed me to finally lay to rest those old beliefs and destructive behaviours that haunted me and grow both personally and professionally so I'm thriving!  

I understood and began to see the immense power this had not just for me, but for my clients. I now blend all my skills as a qualified Therapist, Coach and Mediator with my continued professional development. My feedback is that my work with clients is now even more powerful and transformative. 

Don't wait any longer contact me to create the change you want.


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My core value is that we all matter. I am passionate that we all, no matter what our sexuality, gender identity, circumstances or background, have the capability to make positive choices and to enable great change in our lives and those of others. I also powerfully believe that our journey is as vital as the end point. It is only by being proactive that we become fulfilled.

I absolutely love life! 

It can be exceptionally challenging, it can push you to the edge and just as quickly lift you to heights you hadn’t thought possible.

To really love your life, you need to ebb and flow with it, something that took me a while to learn. This is what I offer – the opportunity to learn to access that inner voice of wisdom - so that you can make strong and clear decisions from a place of calm, even if life is blowing a storm.