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How I can help you?

Do you feel as if you are on a treadmill and can't get off? To others on the outside you look like you are doing well, yet on the inside you know there's something missing.

Are you successful but believe you could achieve even more?

Sometimes we are aware that something is holding us back, but we just can't work out what it is. We can have pockets of our lives where we could do better, but it's hard to make changes alone. If this sounds like you, I can help.

From the first session I can swiftly help you identify what is holding you back, work with you to clear it and help you create the future you want. You regain your sense of perspective and find that calm, cool core where you have an innate knowledge of what is right for you. You also learn practical skills to use outside our sessions. 


Make an important choice:

Invest in you
I was entirely hesitant to open myself up, but I am incredibly thankful that Mari helped me to do so. The results were almost immediate, both personally and professionally.

I can only recommend the process and new-found performance.

To hear me talk to radio host Leigh Chambers about how to find peace in your life, click below. 

leaders and senior professionals

Do you want to be an inspirational leader?

Are you feeling that it's a bit lonely up at the top? Everyone says you are a success, but you feel empty and worried you might burnout? Is anyone is giving you genuine feedback? Do you have negative beliefs or behaviours that are holding you back and you are worried you won't reach your potential?

I offer a confidential space where you can take your concerns and pressures. Together we identify what is holding you back, we clear it so you can find your motivation again and we create a plan to get you the future you want to thrive in. Our work is dynamic, challenging, insightful and deeply empathetic.  


I’m glad you are reading this.

Because this means, that for whatever reason, you are ready to take charge of your life. That thing, whether it's small or large, that has been niggling away at the back of your thoughts for a while is about to change. You have just done the hardest bit and taken the first step by simply reading this. Well done! So what next?

Corporate coaching for senior executives   

An entirely unique solution for your executives so they reach their potential. 


Do you have high level executives who deserve or need coaching or therapy? I offer so much more. Sessions are deeply transformative because unlike other coaches, my multidisciplinary skills allow me to choose the solutions to fit your executives, rather them having to fit to my model. I actually clear the self limiting beliefs and behaviours that people get stuck in, this creates permanent change. Because I am not restricted to one area, I create a bespoke programme around the individual and their exact needs. Whether it's based around their personal or professional life, I get them back to their peak performance as quickly as possible.