Leadership Coaching & Individuals

The personal and business benefits that I gained from working with Mari were truly exceptional - quite unlike any other coaches that I have worked with previously. Her extraordinary talent for cutting straight through to the critical, underlying issues of a situation enabled me to make gains that I would not have thought possible in just a few short sessions of working with her. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is considering working with a coach.
— Mark Alexander, Owner, Cambridge Radio Technologies Ltd.
As a CEO life can be extremely difficult and stressful, before my sessions and work with Mari I had a lot of mental barricades that were preventing me from progressing forward in my work and personal life. A lot of which I had no awareness of, It was vital for me to do my work the right way in order for me to be the best version of myself for myself, family and employees. Business has gained a tremendous amount of growth since our work together. Mari approaches our sessions with professionalism and care and works to get the best out of you. Where I am in my life right now has never felt better and for that I owe a tremendous amount of thanks to Mari. The insight gained from our work together has been invaluable. I strongly recommend Mari for anyone looking to progress forward in personal and business life.
— Eslam mohamed, Dryer vent doctor CEO
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A revelation. I knew very well that I imposed obstacles on my own success – I even celebrated them – but was blissfully unaware that I had disconnected from the cause of my self-sabotage: layer after layer of protective wrapping to help me get through the day, week and year. The very notion of unwrapping scared me: Who was I without them?
I was entirely hesitant to open myself up, but I am incredibly thankful that Mari helped me to do so. The results were almost immediate, both personally and professionally. I can only recommend the process and new-found performance.
— James Sandrini, Game-changing strategist, contrarian and communicator
Mari coached me for four sessions on a business issue I was stuck on and unable to make progress on alone as quickly as I felt I could through coaching. I have been coached a number of times before and found Mari to be genuine, perceptive and gently challenging, helping me to see what blocks I had created and how I could overcome them.
— Sharon Green HR & Development Consultant - Business Owner
Mari was thoughtful and inspiring in equal measure throughout our programme, ultimately helping me to develop a positive and productive outlook. The coaching has ensured I have much stronger focus when juggling the balance of commitments of family life with a demanding career. The programmme has helped me develop a clear and objective outlook to the challenges that previously slowed me down.Mari’s guidance continues to help me in everyday life and as a result, I strongly advocate Mari’s guidance to friends and colleagues alike.
— Senior Account Manager
Very powerful. In three sessions Mari was able to make me aware of and resolve inherent limiting beliefs that had negatively affected my career and happiness. I highly recommend Mari to anyone who feels they are stuck, and who want to move from surviving to thriving.
Mari has helped me during my career transition. She went straight to the point, found the core of the problem and showed me the way. All done with kind and loving words that made me feel safe to go forward. I highly recommend her!
— Candice Westgate, Commercial Director
I’ve been working with Mari Williams for almost four months and I’ve already recommended her to three friends. Mari’s coaching style is both empathetic and honest. She has an uncanny ability to put her finger on the question/issue which needs addressing and the tools she offers are both practical and manageable. I feel supported and guided and I wish I’d found her sooner.
— Caroline Jestaz – Language teacher/writing coach

Corporate coaching

I think we would all like to believe that we can develop every team member to be superstar; we want to be the mentor that we all wish we had when we were developing.

Simply, we can’t. On occasion we all need support developing our businesses.

Mari has been tasked with coaching senior management, and the results have been positive from the outset. Her words are calm, her input focused and clear, the sessions effective.

We look forward to working with Mari further and building on the successes we have already seen.
— Lindsey Holland – Director
Broaching personal difficulties with colleagues who are obviously suffering is never easy. Knowing what to do for the best in such situations isn’t always apparent. But operating in the service industry, our company IS its staff, and their wellbeing and welfare is a fundamental concern. Offering an introduction to Mari Williams to one of my team for confidential, one-on-one sessions with the help of support and flexibility by the company has changed someone’s life. Mari has empowered them to meet their challenges head-on and see things clearly and in a new light. I am positive that we would have lost a much valued employee had we not made the introduction to Mari Williams
— Neil Robinson, Director , Chard Robinson Group
Mari is a superb professional. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone considering coaching. A great listener, easy to get on with and has impressive coaching skills.
— Jon Langton – Recruitment Manager, Computer People
When I started my sessions with Mari I was going through a very difficult time and, worst of all, I was struggling to admit it to myself and others. Mari helped me to recognise, accept and deal with the problems that I have in front of me now and also giving me the tools I need to deal with problems that may surface down the line. Mari has also helped me to, instead of worrying about others and their problems, concentrating on myself and what makes me happy. This has been the most helpful change of perspective and one that I don’t think I would have been able to achieve without Mari’s help.
— Michael Spedding, Employee, Encore, Property Management Group


Values Workshop”

”As a Head Teacher of a Primary school I work with a senior leadership team of 6 staff from different backgrounds, with different experiences and with different views of the world. Mari spent a day working with us individually looking at our own personal values and how they affect our work and then a second day aligning these around a core set of team values. The key to this work was Mari’s unique way of listening, understanding and reflecting back, enabling us to develop a better understanding of our own thinking. I would recommend Mari to anyone and say she is quite simply inspirational!
Mari led two dynamic and fast paced workshops. Using a range of activities and materials, she enabled us to get to the heart of difficult issues quickly and helped us make genuine progress. We left feeling proactive with individual goals set. Excellent facilitation.
— Tim Howes, Centre Manager, Kaplan Financial
Mari led a decision-making training session. It was a very informal atmosphere and Mari soon had us playing a game that involved us trying to stop her from sitting in a vacant chair. As a group, we had to decide on a suitable strategy for stopping her and implement it. It was fun and caused much laughter, especially when our group tried an approach Mari had never seen before! Mari encouraged us to give our brains room to breathe by taking time out just to be ourselves. She inspired me a lot. As a manager, I have to make decisions, so the information and techniques I was learning were of great value. It also so happens that I’m pursuing an interest in coaching, and I took great personal inspiration from Mari as I saw how she conducted the session. At all times she was warm and encouraging and asked questions that drew out thoughtful responses. Our training session only lasted a couple of hours but I (and I know others), would have been happy if it had lasted all day! I can most definitely recommend Mari’s decision-making workshop
— Fiona James, Lead Content Editor at ProQuest

Corporate Mediation 

Whilst working as Food and Beverage Manager for an independent group in Central London, I ran into difficulties working alongside the Executive Chef. We were both clearly pulling in different directions ...and our daily work ground to a halt.

Mari met individually with the group’s leadership, and each of us, and eventually brought the Executive chef and me to sit together and lay our differences to each other in her presence.

Mari has a way of opening people up by creating an atmosphere of trust and respect even among the fiercest rivals. We were both able to communicate our differences clearly, and even some more embarrassing deep rooted dislikes until eventually there was nothing left unsaid between the two of us.

Mari then encouraged us to put a work-frame in place to ensure mutual open communication continued beyond the mediation process and helped us find a way to leave the room ready to work together again.

Mari’s contribution to the reestablishment of agreeable working conditions within the team was of the utmost importance to business, yet personally, I felt it had gone a long way in helping me understand some of my own challenges in communication and interactions with other people in my private and professional spheres thus making an important contribution to my personal development.

It has been a pleasure working with Mari, and I have since recommended her services to other businesses.’
— Barak Peled, Head of Operations at Amorino

Coach Mentoring & Supervision

Mari was my coach mentor during 2016. She provided fantastic insight and guidance but was also very open and humble about her own achievements and skills (which are many!) and I felt I could discuss any aspect of my coaching with her. She signposted what to review and focus on and my coaching has definitely stepped up considerably since working with her.
— Ian White – Consultant in board evaluation, governance, professional team strategy
We have worked with Mari on coach mentoring for a member of staff. The speed with which we began to see results was remarkable. Our member of staff is now much more confident in her own ability, and is able to make her points assertively, both individually and in group settings. Our member of staff was also able to use her new found confidence and assertiveness in other areas of her life. As a small charity, our staff are our greatest asset; being able to develop and invest in them, and see changes quickly, means that we can be more effective in the work we do in the community.

Mari has a wonderful combination of; in depth knowledge of her area of work, and a warm, gentle manner in dispensing that knowledge. She is able to quickly gain the trust of the person she is working with, I would not hesitate to recommend her to others.
— Liz Wright, Project Manager, The Red Hen Project
The Mentor Coaching with Mari was very useful. She was able to detect very subtle aspects of how I was thinking about and responding to my questions and issues around coaching. This allowed me to gain a much deeper insight into my own process and I found that particularly valuable.
— Barbara Badcock - Health & Wellness Coach, Facilitator, Researcher

MY values

My core value is that we all matter. I am passionate that we all, no matter what our sexuality, gender identity, circumstances or background, have the capability to make positive choices and to enable great change in our lives and those of others. I also powerfully believe that our journey is as vital as the end point. It is only by being proactive that we become fulfilled.My core value is that we all matter.


About Me


I am driven by a desire to enable you to be the absolute best you can be. To resolve those self beliefs that hold you back and and clear those behaviours you hate but can't stop.

I want you to find your place in the world and own it. It took me years  to learn how to do this and I don't want you to wait a minute longer than you need.