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How to enjoy being alone

Tonight I’m off on holiday, but before I go I’m spending a large portion of this weekend completely alone, something that would have left me feeling rubbish a few years ago. Now I’m savouring it. So how did I move from hating being alone, to loving it?

I learnt to like myself.

I see lots of clients for whom being alone is a big problem. They feel lost, left out as if they are missing something, rejected…I could go on and on. Many create a world where noise is constant and will even use music or TV to get to sleep. Why? So they don’t have to listen to that voice in their heads that criticises them and makes negatives comments.  

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Are you scared? If so, what of?

Fear is a thought-provoking word in that we have applied it to so many different situations and yet we never lose context. Fear of threat - terrorism for example, fear of failure, fear of humiliation, fear of challenge, fear of change, fear of the future. We can place the word fear in front of almost anything and make it a ‘thing’ to fear. My ex-husband has a fear of clowns – in other words, a phobia, the word phobia is derived from the word fear.

Fear is a basic emotion, along with anger, that in my opinion, gets a bad reputation..

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I’m full, of mindfull..ness

Do you remember the year the, ‘keep calm and carry on’ sign came out? We all liked its strong message and had a little chuckle about how and where it was used. Suddenly, it was everywhere: mugs, posters at work and even a pair of knickers – ‘keep calm and carry on’ changes its meaning! Unless you have been living in a time capsule, you will have noticed the bombardment of the ‘mindful’ culture: books, toys, downloads, apps, classes and even our beloved Ladybird books doing a satirist take off of mindful books – which is brilliant I might add...

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