Leaders hire coaches for two reasons... 


Because they are about to burnout OR to improve high performance and inspire further growth. Which are you?


A revelation. I knew very well that I imposed obstacles on my own success... I was entirely hesitant to open myself up, but I am incredibly thankful that Mari helped me to do so. The results were almost immediate, both personally and professionally. I can only recommend the process and new-found performance.
— -James sandrini, Game-changing strategist, contrarian and communicator

I work in a fast, dynamic, challenging, insightful and deeply empathetic way.

you maybe reaching burnout

Most of my work is with CEOs, MD's and senior executives. I meet a lot of leaders who, underneath their successful exteriors, are struggling to balance their commitments. They don't feel they can admit this to anyone for fear of being perceived as weak. Many have a fear of failure or even success; others feel like an imposter. They are struggling in all areas, tired and near burnout. Often their relationships with their partners or children are failing. They may use drugs or alcohol to just get them from day to day. It doesn't have to be like this. I believe that the truly strong leaders recognise when they need support and are not afraid to ask for help. I work quickly and flexibly with you. 

How I work

I work swiftly with you to create a plan to clear your stuck points and enable you to access your resources and capabilities. I follow a three step process. First we take a full history, then we employ techniques to find your solutions and then we embed all the changes you have made so they become permanent. We all carry emotional baggage from our past and the best leaders know that they need to clear this in order to reach their full potential. I use solution focused techniques to enable you to do this rapidly. This leads you to a place of focus and congruency. We find a blend of personal and professional balance so you can perform to your best in all areas of your life, leaving you focused and self-assured and with a toolkit of skills for the future.

Why Me?

  • I don't just help you cope with stress, I help you resolve the reasons why you are stressed so you don't have to cope anymore.   
  • I don't help you gradually move towards success, I help you understand why you weren't successful in the first place. This means you stop repeating the same mistakes. 
  • I’m direct and honest, whilst being empathetic and approachable. You may be working at a high level where others fear to challenge you. I do not. I bring a fresh outside perspective to your life.
  • Working from a highly honed intuition, I have a track record of getting to the root of the problem quickly and therefore we find resolutions fast.
  • I am trained across a wide range of disciplines including, Executive Coaching, Cognitive Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mediation. I have a vast array of tools to help you adjust those imbalances across the whole of your life.
  • I work as flexibly as I can with you. We can walk and talk and I've even held sessions when my client was on their rowing machine. I'll work with you to find a solution. Contact me to start moving from great to amazing.
The personal and business benefits that I gained from working with Mari were truly exceptional - quite unlike any other coaches that I have worked with previously.
Her extraordinary talent for cutting straight through to the critical, underlying issues of a situation enabled me to make gains that I would not have thought possible in just a few short sessions of working with her. I thoroughly recommend her.
— Mark Alexander, Owner, Cambridge Radio Technologies Ltd.

Improving growth and performance

All top CEOs have at some point benefited from coaching. Like all the top athletes, they understand that if they want to be their best, they need an independent adviser whose only focus is on them. They understand that being at the top is challenging and that to be in a position of leadership and responsibility they need to be working at peak performance. They also understand that they are human and that they may have areas with roots in childhood that can be causing limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours. They take action to work through these areas, clear them and thereby enhance their already high performance.

I can help you with

  • Anxiety / stress / panic attacks
  • Decision making
  • Addiction
  • Burnout
  • Imposter syndrome
  • Confidence
  • Clearing limiting beliefs
  • Public speaking
  • Fear of failure
  • Personal development
  • Relationships
  • Insomnia
Mari has helped me during my career transition. She went straight to the point, found the core of the problem and showed me the way. All done with kind and loving words that made me feel safe to go forward. I highly recommend her!
— Candice Borges-Westgate, Commercial Director

I want to start as many cascades of positivity and happiness as possible. Working with me is your chance to join me and start your own cascade